Production and office complex is located close to the planned transport corridor of the Slavetice village southern bypass.



A production and administrative complex is located only 3.2 km far from the main gate of the Dukovany nuclear power plant. The complex is divided into four blocks.


Three administrative and one production block. The administrative block is planned as four floor building(plus one floor in the basement). Each floor could be split up vertically with separated entrance for each floor. The production and assembly hall can also be split up as needed.


All blocks of the centre is connected by a bridges at the same floors to create one level area. The covered space between the blocks could be used as manipulation or parking place. The centre provision is allowed from the entrance side. The centre location includes sufficient amount of covered and opened parking places and small garden inside. The place is protected by industrial fence.


Location and distances:
  • Centre of Trebic city: 23,2 Km - 20 min.
  • Dukovany NPP main entrance gate: 3,2 Km - 2 min.
  • Centre of Brno city: 50,1 Km - 55 min.

The centre dimenstions:
  • Total area: 10 000 m2
  • Constructed area: 2 934 m2
  • Manufacturing floor area: 700 m2
  • Office floor area: 5 000 m2
  • Estimated employee capacity: 500



About us

The company CENTRUM NOVY BLOK a.s. (IFRE a.s. until May 2022) is 100% owned by the sole shareholder Ing. František Vágner, who kept the majority of the company ENVINET a.s. until 2012. (today renamed to NUVIA a.s.). CENTURM NOVY BLOK (means NEW UNIT CENTER) focusing on the activities in the field of services, supplies and complex solutions for the nuclear and automotive industries.

The main intention is to build an industrial group of companies with high added value, focusing mainly on technical support and services provided for the new built of 5th unit of the Dukovany NPP. The industrial group of companies mentioned above will allow faster grow of each member due to synergies effects in the areas of acquiring and financing orders, sharing marketing activities and centralizing of support processes.

Actually, the company focus on the key project, which is construction of an administrative centre in the village Slavětice, very close to Dukovany NPP. The centre will be equipped with modern technologies and will provide functional and representative background for strategic suppliers, participating in the 5th new nuclear unit construction or supporting the current nuclear block maintenance and operation.

Apartment complex Trebic

Apartmentcomplex Trebic

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